Rebound Beach Volleyball

Welcome to Shockwave Rebound Beach Volleyball at Ferny Grove. We play open volleyball, 2 A Side and Triple Thr3at every night of the working week. You see we have these large nets around our 4 x courts that the volleyball rebounds off. Players set the ball off the nets and strike the ball over the centre net to the other team. Teams play beach volleyball without shoes on beautiful white beach sand. We play beach volleyball under our LED lighting system with the latest tunes blaring. You will absolutely love playing with us even if you’ve never played before. With over 40 games per night we can offer you the best beach volleyball experience in Brisbane. Not only that, we also offer adult and kids coaching to help you with the skills needed to play in our competitions.


New players typically start with Open Volleyball at C grade level, this is our lowest grade. You can play with friends or relatives in the same team with between 4-6 players.

READ: Register and Create A Team Online (4 mins)

Teams join our nightly competitions which are scored and refereed by our experienced staff. At the end of our 16 week season we play finals, where the top 4 teams from each nightly competition play off against each other. This sometimes runs on a Friday/Saturday and you can expect to play at least 2 or 3 games depending on how well you do.

We encourage you to join our facebook group so you can see updates from us about nightly games. Alternatively we post game draws and ladders right here  on our website.

Monday to Friday & Sunday Night
5pm till 10pm